TED Talk: Atheism 2.0

This is a fun TED talk. He is describing what can be learned from religion’s methods, even if you do not believe anything about religion (even if you don’t believe in God). He describes the tools and strategies of religion that ‘we’/culture can, and should, adopt.


(I am certainly not an atheist.)

I think the talk may be useful for those of faith. It reminds us of our strengths. We can learn from this. For example, about human nature.

He does include Charles Wesly.

I find it interesting that he mentions (in the 1800’s I believe) people were leaving the European church in large numbers and looking for ways to get (1) morality, (2) guidance, and (3) consolation from culture (from places other than the church). This would imply that these three are fundamental human needs.

OK, I liked it too because he has an English accent, pronouncing ‘either’ with a long i.