The Three Bowls of Jesus’ Last 24 Hours on Earth

I like the comparison and contrast of the Three Bowls of Jesus’ Last 24 Hours on Earth

Wash basin: Jesus Washes the disciples feet (at the Last Supper).  He showed us that we are to be servants of others.

Bowl of bread: broken and shared together at the Last Supper. Fellowship. Remembrance. Institution of the Last Supper instituted.

Pilate’s wash basin: After dealing with the crowd, Pilate washed his hands (in front of the crowd)…and sent Jesus to the cross. This one is deeper (and needs to be developed).

Lee Strobel, Apologetics

Lee Strobel (was an atheist who became a Christian and pastor and author) gives a message.  He says that if Jesus lived in his house with him, he would notice two things about Jesus

  1.  The door is open for questions.  You can always ask Jesus questions.
  2.  Jesus is authentic.  He lives consistent with his message.

In the message, Lee gives much of his life story.