Pastor Joke

A pastor had a habit, each time he stepped into the pulpit, of saying, “The Lord Be With You.” The congregation would always respond each Sunday, “And also with you.”

One Sunday morning they were having technical difficulties with the microphone and it wasn’t working.

The pastor he stepped into the pulpit and said, “There seems to be something wrong with the microphone.”

The congregation responded, “And also with you.”

A Catholic, Baptist, and a Methodist Go to Heaven

A Catholic, Baptist, and a Methodist Die and Go to Heaven

They go before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

All three are believers (and strong Christians) so St. Peter is going to let them in.

However, their mansions are not quite ready yet and St. Peter doesn’t have any place to put them.

With no other options, he call Satan and asks if he can send the Catholic, Baptist, and a Methodist down to him temporarily.

Satan agrees and the three go down to hell.

Everything seems to be going fine, but a couple days later,  St. Peter and says, hey, you gotta take these three back.

St. Peter asks, “What’s the problem?”

Satan says that the Catholic is forgiving everyone, the Baptist is saving everyone, and the Methodist has almost raised enough money to install air conditioning.