Charles Spurgeon Quotes

Charles Spurgeon – English preacher 19 June 1834 – 31 January 1892

Whatever subject I preach, I do not stop until I reach the Savior, the Lord Jesus, for in Him are all things.

Infinite, and an infant. Eternal, and yet born of a woman. Almighty, and yet hanging on a woman’s breast. Supporting a universe, and yet needing to be carried in a mother’s arms. King of angels, and yet the reputed son of Joseph. Heir of all things, and yet the carpenter’s despised son.

Preach Christ or nothing: don’t dispute or discuss except with your eye on the cross.

Dare to be Great

Pastor Howard White’s January (2016) sermon series is title Dare to be Great.

The Dare to be Great Challenge is:

A Great Commitment to the Great Commandments and the Great Commission done with Great Compassion will grow a Great Church (and a great Christian).

The 5 sermons in the series are

  • Dare to Follow
    • Matt 22: 37 He said to him, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38 This is the greatest and most important command. 39 The second is like it:Love your neighbor as yourself. 40 All the Law and the Prophets depend on these two commands.”
      • Heart is the center. God is at the center and the thing at the center is the thing we worship. Rom 12:1-2 offering. Jonathan Edwards wrote down 70 resolutions and read them each week.
      • Soul – obedience
      • Mind – focus on God’s will
  • Dare to Care
  • Dare to Serve
  • Dare to Grow
  • Dare to Go

Three (Defining) Components of a Christian Faith

On OpenLine today (8-15-15) Michael Rydelnik – Listen here.

This is an answer to the question, “What is saving faith? How do I know I have full faith in Jesus?”

3 Components:


Component Description What We Have What We Do Our Responsibility

(What We Do)


(What We Do)

Mind Intellectual Knowledge Know Appropriate Learn
Heart Emotional Conviction Believe Appreciate Love
Will Volitional Commitment Act (decide and do) Apply Live

Most all of the Bible talks about these components.

Luke 10:27 And he answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”

We see ‘mind,’ ‘heart/soul,’ and ‘strength’ (doing, acting, will).

I choose Luke 10:27 because it says it all.  These are the two great commandments. All of the law and commandments follow from these.

The words in the Responsibility column are from Warren Wiersbe’s sermon (1975) titled ‘Our Responsibility to the Word of God.’ Podcasted Aug. 17 & 18, 2015 on Today In the Word.

Lifeline Productions – the comic strip of Radio

This site has a long list of 60-second audio comic strips.  Each has a life (Christian) message. – Downloadable clips. #Humor #Funny

Nice list giving the Title, the Situation, and the Key Line.

The Best of list is the top 52 (most popular) clips.

A few of my favorites are House on Fire, Give It All, and Kids Today.

Priorities (example)

This has many potential uses.

  • Discussion starter for Youth Group or Sunday School or Bible Study.
  • Tweetable.
  • Can embed on webpages (as I’ve done above).

Medes & Elamites and other notes on Pentecost

Interesting aspect of #Pentecost: the Medes & Elamites, listed in Acts 2:9 as being *present*, were extinct cultures! These people would have been decendants of these cultures living in Jerusalem. Thanks @howardleewhite for the great sermon today. (See also Wikipedia for more on these extinct cultures.)

Other Notes

The gift of the spirit is translation and vision.

The first impression the church made on the world was as a bunch of drunks.  Their radical behavior is not unlike God’s radical move of

  • sending his own Son
  • turn the whole leader-servant and power-kingdom scheme on it’s head
  • having said Son be crucified for the sins of everyone (and!)
  • raising said crucified Son back to life.

Paul, and apologetics ever since, have taken up the task of explaining how these devine acts (in the gospels and in Acts) are both supreme acts of love and logical at the same time.

The Tower of Babel (people could not understand each other) and Pentecost (different people could understand) are bookends.

The church is a community–a human family–held together by the boundless love of God.

Penticost is one of those times when God ‘gets big’ to make himself obvious (in this case, having the people speak of his great deeds of power miraculously in multiple languages –verse 11). Other examples are the parting of the Red Sea, Transfiguration, and Paul being knocked down and blinded on the road to Demascus. At these times, God wants to make sure.  Most of the time God makes himself “easy to ignore ” as Phillip Yancy says in The Jesus I Never Knew.  This decision is central and essential to God’s methodology; a methodology in which he let’s us choose to believe, follow, and be in relationship.