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Let’s build up, work together, grow, and improve

Our founding fathers and mothers didn’t have it perfect and our country still has problems (quick reminder: Romans 2:23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God). I believe our founding fathers and mothers were on the right track. I also believe there is room for improvement; focusing on improving the …

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Mary McLeod Bethune

Today (May 5, 2016) we had the (‘first annual’) Community Prayer Breakfast in Macomb, IL.  It was very well attended and the program was excellent. In Dr. Jack Thomas’s message he spoke of Mary McLeod Bethune.  She was a great lady and great educator. I’ve seen her statue in Lincoln Park in Washington, DC. I …

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The Power of “Now”

5 great ideas from Tim Price. The first one I hope I can use: Replace the word “but” with now. E.g., “You made a good effort on this, now let’s see if we can add fractions with the common denominator.” This emphasizes the growth mindset (as apposed to the fixed mindset)   “Now” is …

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