Politicians today — ugh!

A few comments on our politicians.

The 2016 presidential election was a life-time low. Neither party was able to put up a viable candidate. I did not support either candidate.

Historically it is interesting (but sad) as to why Donald Trump won.

For myself, I do not put myself in either (any) camp politically.

I’m naturally conservative and like it when we are good stewards of money and resources, but I also believe we need to administer to the less fortunate, feed the hungry, help the needy, and lend a hand.

I’m hoping that in the next presidential election we can find someone who is:

  • Honest,
  • Thinks things through and listens before making decisions,
  • Takes a balanced approach of
    • Being responsible and
    • Meeting the needs of our country and it’s people and
    • Can work with individuals from both parties.
  • A bridge-builder.
  • (has enough personality and political sense to get elected.)

“As a parting shot” here’s an (ugh) article titled, The First Porn President.


Let’s all hope that things get better.

In God We Trust

In God We Trust became our nation’s motto in 1956 (a few months before I was born! #PTL)

Our nation and God’s timeless influence.


Suggestions for everytownresearch.org 

The website http://everytownresearch.org advocates for common-sense gun laws to improve gun safety and reduce the number of gun deaths. (I’m pretty sure they are not just raising money, but want to work toward a solution.)

I like the fact that the website has specific research. It is a good site and seems to be going in the right direction.

However, to work toward a solution, I recommend the following:

  • Make a list of specific recommendations. This should be a concise and cogent list with links out to more and more details (as is the power of the Internet). (Having a bunch of famous people say ‘demand a plan’ over and over does get people’s attention, but ultimately there needs to be a (specific/actual) set of steps to improve things.
  • Listing ‘The Gun Lobby’ (and the NRA) as an issue puts the wrong spin on our website (and your approach). Putting ‘The Gun Lobby’ in a list along side suicide, illegal gun trafficking, and domestic violence sends the message the ‘The Gun Lobby’ is inherently bad and needs to be eliminated.  (Even if you do feel they are bad, and prefer they be eliminated it is better to work with them than point fingers and label them as part of the problem.) Remove ‘The Gun Lobby’ from the list of issues and find another way to express the concern.
  • Don’t the us versus them approach, but rather take an approach where you want all (reasonable and sane) people to work together.  If, in fact, you have actual common sense gun laws in mind, then you need to work with the NRA and The Gun Lobby to get them in place. If you don’t think that there’s ‘any way’ that such a thing could be done, then we may be doomed to more and more senseless gun killings.  I believe that the NRA would agree to common sense gun laws.
  • I find it odd that you do to have a phone number on your website. If you really want ‘common sense solutions,’ then you want to open up communication and you, therefore, need to be willing to talk about it.  I find it odd that in your Contact form drop-down list of reasons for contacting us does not include something along the lines of ideas for working toward a solution. I recommend putting a phone number on your site and making it clearer in your contact form that you are looking to work for a solution.

Youth Group Mission Trip 2015

Wesley (Macomb), Savoy, and Pekin First UMC churches.

July 18-25, 2015.

Denver. Stayed at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO.

DICP Day Camp

  • Monday: met Geogina, asst. Director. Stayed at school most of the day. Watched Lion King. Went to performing art center for voice and actions games.
  • Tuesday: a.m. Scavenger hunt at Colorado Mills Mall, swam mini water park, performing art center for voice and actions games. Given a theme groups made two tableau scenes. Rained
  • Wednesday: p.m. WenPut on skit and did craft on the Creation Story.