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Timelines of the Bible

The purpose of this page is a reference page to help learn/recall the flow of the Old Testament and provide timelines of the Bible. (For more on Paul and the NT, see Chronology of Paul.)

A few Old Testament Dates:

  • 1050-930 BC – Saul, David, Solomon Kings (40 yrs each)
  • 722 BC Israel (No. Kingdom) falls to the Assyrians (Israel hauled off)
  • 586 BC Judah (So. Kingdom) fall to the (Neo-)Babylonian Empire (Judah hauled off) Israelites become ‘Jews’
  • 539 BC King Cyrus’ (of Persia) allows Jews to return to their land.
  • 445-443 BC Nehemiah lead the rebuilding of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem


The Bible Timeline – slideable and clickable.

Traveling through the Old Testament – Does not have years, but conceptually lays out the key time periods and the respective books of the OT. (PDF version)

Bible Hub Timeline – by year.

Amazing Bible Timeline OUTLINE – Sections can be clicked (e.g., 754 BC – 504 BC) or individuals can be clicked (e.g., Destruction of Jerusalem)

A History of the Bible in 16 Objects –  Page 1; Page 2.

Timeline Cards – One of the best conceptual sequencing of the key points of the Bible from Creation to New Creation. (PDF version)

Old Testament Timeline Printable – Visual, for kids (does have dates). – website doesn’t seem to work, but the big picture graphics are good.

Bible Timeline Pamphlet or Poster – this costs, but it’s good.

See also my Chronology of Paul page (which includes his travels and letters).

Timeline of the New Testament Books is a good chronology.