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Physical Fitness


I’ve found dynamic stretches to be useful for me.  I use, for running (1) hips-in wall stretch for calves, (2) leg (lateral) swings, (3) lunges, (4) Straight leg kicks, (5) Butt kicks, (6) foot raises in front, (7) hamstring stretch.

Before lifting, various arm circles and arm/shoulder dynamic stretches.

Googling, I found 5 essential, Stretches,


Just with dumbbells I do basic lifts.


The core, back, lower back, and stomach muscles can not be emphasized enough. On the floor, I do sit-ups, shoulder lifts, and planks.

Miscellaneous Comments

  • At Veterans Park in Macomb we have (put up by the Park District) some workout machines.  There are about 9 exercises.  The machines are simple. No adjustments. You are just lifting (some of) your body weight.  I enjoy doing these exercises. I feel they give pretty good whole-body coverage.