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My bitly’s

Links and Resources Often, when I preach a sermon (I am a Lay Speaker) I like to provide some links and resources on a webpage. Here is a list of the links: Notes for January 2023 – Wonderful Hymn and the Soul – Notes for August 2022 – The Second 3 Reasons: Love, Co-Agency, …

Lay Speaking Resources

Lay Speaking Resources This is a listing of resources for lay speakers preparing sermons. UMC Discipleship – Ministry Matters – Excellent! Has resources (including sermons, litanies and prayers) for each Sunday. Can ‘store’ favorites/pins in bins. Sermon Illustrator. Lectionary Library from Vanderbilt – art, prayers, and more for each week of the Common Lectionary. …

Themes and Verses for Sermons

See this page Top 50 Sermon Themes of All Time

More Sermon Illustrations

In addition to the sermon illustrations found using Auguste Bartholdi Auguste Bartholdi traveled from France to Egypt in 1856….ended up making the Statue of Liberty. As told by Joe Stowell in  If, for Auguste Bartholdi, things that seem to be disappointing, difficult, and defeating can be processed into that which is magnificent and significant, …

Children’s Sermon Ideas

You are an Important Piece Have a jigsaw puzzle box (shake it, what is it, what’s in it). Talk about how each piece is important to make the beautiful picture (sky, mountains, etc.). In the same way, each of us is an important piece, important member of the church, even children. How do we, and …


Here are some sources of jokes: Tim Price: or

Speaking Tips

Various tips for speaking and delivering sermons from various sources. YouTube: Captivate audience within 10 seconds. Use a prop to catch their attention. Include jokes. Include stories – captivate with stories Become one or more of the characters. Act it out. Use Hand gestures and move around  


This is a page with Hymn resources. (See also: “Hymn” is a category for blog posts.) Hymns With a Message – an Inspirational Hymn of the Week IS YOUR ALL ON THE ALTAR OF SACRIFICE LAID?

Sermon Delivery

Here are various sources on how to deliver a sermon Erwin Lutzer I already have this page, E. Lutzer – Decisions, choice, change, and growth. Other Resources The One Sentence – That Will Make You a More Effective Speaker