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The Origami Church

Children’s Sermon

If we start with square pieces of paper, we can build (fold), what are called, Star Building Units.

These Star Building Units than can be combined to build something beautiful.  For example, a cube.

This is like the church.

The object we build out of the star building units is similar to the church because:

  • We start with very basic things – paper/people.
  • It is a combination of things to build something; people working together.
  • It is Beautiful.
  • It is Useful; as a community/team they can accomplish much.

How to Assemble the Cube from 6 Star Building Units

Each unit has 2 tabs (points) and 2 pockets.  When you combine them, a tab always goes into a pocket.

How to Fold the Star Building Units

Here is how to fold a Star Building Unit. (You need 6 to make the cube.)


More Things that can be Made with Star Building Units

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