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Interesting exchange

Patrick Mahomes shared his faith and how he wants to glorify God a few day prior to the Super Bowl (Feb. 2023). tweet:

My reply:

@PatrickMahomes I am impressed with the knowledge, understanding, and faith that has. He sees it as important to glorify God and grow in his faith. ✝️

Reply back: from tymesten @macgregorjeff
Which god? There are thousands.
My reply:
Good one. I believe that he believes in the one God of the Bible.
Reply back:
Yes, figured as much. Still silly all the way around. He makes one come t about the judeo-Christian god and all of a sudden he is seen to have knowledge and understanding. Don’t see the connection. In fact, it would argue in the opposite direction.
My reply:
Yes, I am applauding @PatrickMahomes. As a believer, knowledge, understanding, & faith in the divine are a combination of head-knowledge & heart-knowledge. Believers R called on to grow all 3. True though, Mahomes may not have the know’ge to teach a college course in theology. 1/
While I recommend and encourage belief and faith in God (and there are reasons), I respectfully acknowledge that humans have free will and a choice, and that there are those that choose to not believe in God’s existence or not have faith in God. 2/
Reply back:
This is also pertinent: If god gave man free will, how can everything be part of god’s plan? If everything is part of god’s plan, how can we have free will?
My reply:
Yes, this is the paradox/challenge.
From our (human) perspective, the world has a randomness about it (along with considerable consistency). God may have a full minute-by-minute plan, but it’s beyond our finite capacity to grasp it (and I’ll leave it to the deeper-thinkers to analyze God’s sovereignty; entire books have been written). I do believe, and regularly see evidence for, God’s providence (divine guidance and care). In addition, it is part of God’s plan that he chooses to use us (we have the choice to opt out) as his co-agents in the world to care about people and make this a better place. The key take-away for me is that we need to choose daily to work to show compassion and be intentional about making this a better place.
Response back:
You know how I know you are lying? You claim to know the mind of this god you worship. What it “chooses.” That is laughable. You are not privy to any more info. than I am. You are simply regurgitating lies you have been told or choose to believe.
My response:
I believe Christianity and the Bible to be true. The reasons are based on head-knowledge and heart-knowledge, gained from what I’ve read, been taught, and seen/experienced in the world. I acknowledge that faith in Christianity and the Bible is a choice and a decision, and further acknowledge that not everyone sees them as true and that not everyone chooses faith.