Why Americans Go to Church – still good reasons

Ok, this is quite encouraging. I’d say paeople are going to church for the right reasons. (See the top 4 in the graphic.)

These reasons are

  • biblical (what God would want),
  • enduring (abiding),
  • genuine (true, sincere),
  • helpful (promoting the greater good and self). #Christian


As churches (communities of faith) our challenge is to make our message and our activities

  • biblical,
  • enduring,
  • genuine,
  • helpful and also
  • pertinent,
  • relevant, and
  • applicable.

#balanced #Christianity

from: https://www.christianitytoday.com/news/2018/july/church-attendance-top-reasons-go-or-stay-home-pew.html Pew: Why Americans Go to Church or Stay Home