Three Good Christmas Stories

Here are three short stories that I like–and you might also enjoy. Good to read at Christmas time.

The Philanthropist’s Christmas – James Weber Linn. This is a story a bit like A Christmas Carol, with a rich man who is gruff (without the Christmas spirit). However, Mr. Carter is not a total cruel as Ebenezer Scrooge.  The story is also lighter, with a fun little dog and no ghosts. Published in 1908. About 20 minutes.


A Christmas Mystery: The Story of Three Wise Men – William John Locke.  This is a story about 3 men, who are each individually ‘successful,’ but, sadly, lack family or relationships. They end up on a train, together, going to a Christmas party a long way away. On the trip, there is a failure in the transportation which causes to plot to change drastically. This is a deeper story than the first. I believe this takes place in the early 1900’s in England. Written in 1910. About 40 minutes.


How Dot Heard The Messiah – Hezekiah Butterworth. This is about a lowly boy, Dot, who is the bellows-boy for an organ in a large church. (The bellows of the organ had to be operated manually back in those days.) He makes an acquaintance with one of the distinguished tenors in the choir, and it changes his life. Written in 1882. About 21 minutes.



My all-time favorite Christmas story is The Other Wise Man.

If you know of other Christmas stories which have a Christian theme, please share with me.

Post by Jim Olsen.