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The pursuit of excellence begins with frustration, but succeeds with optimism.

When you're more passionate about excellence than others… ! — Dan Rockwell (@Leadershipfreak) June 15, 2015

Medes & Elamites and other notes on Pentecost

Interesting aspect of #Pentecost: the Medes & Elamites, listed in Acts 2:9 as being *present*, were extinct cultures! These people would have been decendants of these cultures living in Jerusalem. Thanks @howardleewhite for the great sermon today. (See also Wikipedia for more on these extinct cultures.) Other Notes The gift of the spirit is translation …

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The Essense of Leadership in 5 Letters – yep SERVE

  The Essence of Leadership in Five Letters: ! — Dan Rockwell (@Leadershipfreak) June 14, 2015

Theophilus means God Friend

There are many theories about who Theophilus is; the person to whom Luke writes his gospel and the Atcs of the Apostles.  The most obvious answer may be right under our noses. Theo means God. Phila means friends. It is written to God’s friend. it is written for us. Ex 33:11 The Lord spoke with Moses face …

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I’m Working On The Building

This is a great gospel hymns.  Wikipedia says it is likely a negro spiritual. It has been been recorded and performed by many, including B. B. King, Elvis Presley, the Oak Ridge Boys, and John Fogerty. BB King’s lyrics: I’m working on the building It’s a true foundation I’m lifting up a bloodstained Banner for …

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UNShakable: Facing Death (sermon)

4-19-2015 sermon

UNShakable: Facing Illness (H White sermon)

5-24-15 sermon Went over 5 names of God from the Old Testement.  For example, Jehovah Raah (Shepherd). (For more (16) names see )

Privileged Species

Excellent video showing discoveries of the 20th Century that show the universe is designed for human life. We are not accidents. Features scientist Michael Denton

Believe, Belong, Become: Choice and Growth as a Christian

Believe, Belong, Become: Choice and Growth as a Christian Presentation made for Wesley UMC Confirmation Class.  May 3, 2015. Macomb IL