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Growth Mindset, Managing Oneself, and Contributing

I’m a big believer in the growth mindset and servant leadership.
A nice article by Tanmay Vora summarizes a book written by Peter Drucker, titled Managing Oneself.  It includes a nice sketchnote.

A few quotes at the bottom:

“Managing in complex adaptive systems means influencing possibilities rather than striving for predictability (good or best practices). Cooperation in our work is needed so that we can continuously develop emergent practices demanded by this complexity.” – Harold Jarche, Revisiting Cooperation

“The process of becoming is better than being. Set big goals and learn to love the work that gets you to them, even if you fall short you’ll still be winning.” – @des_linden (via Twitter)

“A short conversation will achieve far more than an email, a survey or an expensive employee engagement project will ever address.” – Simon Terry, The Power of Conversation

“Here’s a secret: Reflection is work. As a leader, please ensure there’s time for intentional stillness. This is the main way how learning & innovation happens.” (Via Twitter)