My Bible Memorization Plan



  1. Memorize 1 verse a week.
  2. I will also have a ‘category’ (in YouVersion and database)



  • You can have bookmarks, highlights, and notes.
  • Bookmarks can have labels.
    • To attach a label. meatballs|edit|labels
      • To add a new label, do the above and hit ➕ (type it)
    • It appears that in the Android app, when adding labels, you can choose from the previous ones used.¬† This does not appear to be true in the iOS app.
    • I will have a label called “Card Set 1,” for example, which will correspond to Quizlet card set Bible Verse Memorization 1.
    • I will have a label called “potential memorization verse”
  • Bookmarks can have a title & text (notes).
  • YouVersion is intended to be used on a device (an app), rather than in a browser on a computer. Can use or
  • However, when using YouVersion in the browser (not a device), then login and go under Account Settings to find Bookmarks.


Printed Cards

  • My google drive folder is here.
  • Printed on card stock, the size of a credit card.
  • Credit cards are 3.375 inches wide by 2.125 inches high.
  • For now put in wallet next to (actual) credit cards.¬† At some point, I can put in a sleeve on my phone for daily study/use.)
  • Ideas for table in Google Docs. It will be front and back.
    • Center the table.