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Servant Leadership

Misc. on Leadership

Miscellaneous points and quotes on Leadership “The life you live is not important except in the way it impacts others.” [Written at the statue of # 42 Jackie Robinson at Dodger Stadium] Book: Less Is More Leadership: 8 Secrets to How to Lead & Still Have a Life (Hardcover) by H. Dale Burke

Growth Mindset, Managing Oneself, and Contributing

I’m a big believer in the growth mindset and servant leadership. A nice article by Tanmay Vora summarizes a book written by Peter Drucker, titled Managing Oneself.¬† It includes a nice sketchnote. Growth Mindset – we all all continually growing and improving. Managing Oneself – The point of the article. (cf: To Take Care of …

Lead from the middle

I’m not sure if this is the best title, but…. Carolyn Grove and Leann DeJoode-Karssen are inspirational examples of ‘leaders in the middle’ who get in there and organize and lead the group, and at the same time, are actually helping to pull the load. Some day I’d like to write and article and sermon …