About the Author and the Site in General

About the Structure of the Site is below.

Author: Jim Olsen (James R. Olsen)

Brief author description: I’m a retired professor from Western Illinois University (on 7-1-23) & have a great wife and 3 great children. I consider myself a Christian, family member, teacher, athlete, and scholar. I taught HS math in the public schools for 10 years. I have been a teacher educator in the Mathematics Department at Western Illinois University since 1994. More Info on Dr. O here.

Purposes of this Site: The purposes of this site are  to have (1) a place for notes, reflections, and resources that I (and others) can use as I grow as a Christian and (2) notes on leadership and servant leadership (and communication).

Statement of Faith in 8 Words: I believe and have faith in Jesus Christ.

(Another breath affirmation: I believe in Christ and want to serve his mission.)

Motto: For the Glory of God and His Grace in Pilgrimage.

My Desire and Goal: My Desire and Goal is to live coram Deo. To live coram Deo is to live one’s entire life in the presence of God, under the authority of God, to the glory of God. See this page for the seven key aspects.

Mission statement: I will promote a mission-hearted faith anchored in enduring truth working itself out in unashamed discipleship eager to stand the tests of kingdom-calling, service, and sacrifice.

Breath prayers: Praise to you my ___; Please Forgive me ___; I thank you my ___; Give me strength oh ___; Please be with me ___. God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Lord.   Help me lead a purpose-driven life.

Site Title:Believe Belong Become: Help Me Lead a Purpose-Driven Life” –  The title is based on Rick Warren’s book The Purpose-Driven Live: What on Earth am I Here For?, in which he lays out 5 purposes for a Christian.  My goal for my life is to believe, through worship, belong, through fellowship, and become, through discipleship, service, and evangelism.   I desire to be (5 M’s) a Magnifier (of God’s glory and power), Member (of the church, a community of believers), Model (of a life Christ would have us lead), Minister (meeting the needs of other people), and Missionary (going into all the world and making disciples of Jesus Christ).  This is a summary of Rick Warren’s Purpose-Driven Life book.

Intent: My intent is to create a website that is organized.

Intended Audience: This is for myself and anyone else that wants to look at it.

Initiation Date and Aspiration: This site was created Feb. 9, 2015. I have been making web pages since 1999 (see other webpages below). I expect (as of February 2015) to maintain this website as one of my primary websites for at least the next 10 years.

Blog Aspect: This site will have blog posts.  I hope to use categories and tags to make it more useable.

More Information and Sites: This is a subdomain of drjimo.net. Find more information and other subdomains there.

Feedback/Comments: I do welcome feedback from readers of this site. Please call me or email me. [I have disabled the comment feature on the website itself.]

Social Media: I use (in somewhat decreasing order of significance)

My Other Webpages

  • DrJimO.net – This is my own personal and professional homepage. Included there you will also find:
    • My Sites – A listing of my numerous other webpages.
    • Responsibilities – A listing of the committees, boards, and responsibilities on which I serve.
  • Jim Olsen’s Home Page – this is my WIU page. Though I am retired, this page still lists current and past projects and links to other pages.

About the Structure of the Site


Posts, by their nature, are generally not long-term. They are typically timely or reactions to something. Posts appear on the front page body. Posts are usually shorter than pages.  They are categorized and can have tags.


Pages are generally more long-term. Pages are often longer than posts. They are often more comprehensive than posts.  Pages appear in the menu bar (or under pages in the menu bar, if they have a parent). They are not categorized and do not have tags.

Planned Parent Pages (Structure of the Site)

Pages will fall under the following parent pages

  • God
  • Jesus Christ
  • Grace
  • Christian Living (includes: Prayer, Service, Evangelism, Church, Worship, Faith)
  • Bible
  • Lay Speaking
  • Other
  • About