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Children’s Sermon Ideas

You are an Important Piece

Have a jigsaw puzzle box (shake it, what is it, what’s in it). Talk about how each piece is important to make the beautiful picture (sky, mountains, etc.). In the same way, each of us is an important piece, important member of the church, even children. How do we, and can we, contribute.  Give each child a cut out puzzle piece with ‘You are Important’ written on it. Laminated with a magnet on the back, perhaps.


Have a couple pencils (1 with worn eraser, 1 with new eraser) and an eraser that can be put on a pencil, and an eraser that is ‘big.’ These can erase mistakes. Jesus is the everlasting eraser of mistakes/sins.

“The Father’s Heart is full of Mercy” – calculator.

Point – a calculator has a CE (clear entry) button when mistakes are made. see #4: