5 Solas (Solae)

[Disclaimer: I am not a theologian. This is just my take.]

The 5 Solae of Protestantism are five foundational Biblical principles upon which our (Protestant) beliefs and salvation are based. (While Luther and Calvin taught, wrote, and preached on these, I believe that, as a listing of five, the Five Solae were not articulated until the 20th Century.)

Check out the beautiful hymn at the bottom´┐╝

I like the way they can be logically lined up.

Here are 3 orderings.  I think each provides it’s own logical flow for the Five Solae.

1. Basic: We are saved by Grace alone, through Faith alone, in Christ alone, according to scripture alone, for the Glory of God alone.

2. Scripture & Christ Foundation (5 complete sentences): Scripture alone is the standard; by Christ alone we are saved; salvation is by grace alone; justification is by faith alone; it is all for the glory of God alone.

3. Scripture and God’s Glory foundation (with our faith being last): The scripture alone is the standard; it is all for the glory of God alone; by Christ’s work alone are we saved; salvation is by grace alone; justification comes by faith alone.

OK, I can’t resist…There are 5! (which is 120) ways to arrange 5 things. It might be interesting to ponder some of the other 117 orderings of the Five Solae.

Beautiful Hymn

Creator God, Our Sovereign Lord from Rise and Worship (2017) by Nathan Clark George