Cory Booker is being inspirational and we need that.

Cory Booker gives an inspirational speech to supreme court justice nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson (see here*) and here.

Cory Booker is being:

  • hopeful
  • respectful
  • historical
  • poetic
  • realistic (for all have sinned and fall short)
  • forward thinking
  • inspirational
  • encouraging.

We need this sometimes (actually, we need this more often than not). I applaud him.

He is not providing practical steps to build a business, solve a problem, or raise our children. He is being inspirational and we need that.

* The full Langston Hughes poem is here. (It is a poem.  In a similar manner to Cory Booker’s words, I believe it is designed to be inspirational. It too is not providing statistics or practical steps.)